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Raspberry Pi Torrent Box HDD Enclosure Hack

September 20th, 2015 1 comment

Check out this enclosure for the raspberry pi and this 160GB HDD I made out of my old Western Digital HDD case. I took the 5V off the molex connector to power the everything so the cool blue power button still works on the enclosure to turn everything on.






I have the HDMI jack on there right now for debugging and console output if I need it. I will remove it so it is truly a headless torrent box.


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8bandEQ3.0 now for mac!

December 21st, 2011 2 comments

Here you go all you apple-heads an update to 8bandEQ3.0 for launchpad now on MAC OSX








Download 8bandEQ3.0 for MAC
Download 8bandEQ3.0 for Windows

8bandEQ is a standalone max/msp application for the Novation Launchpad. It monitors an incoming stereo audio feed and displays the frequency data on the Launchpad’s buttons. can be used alongside any other launchpad programs.

Happy Birthday James

August 22nd, 2010 No comments


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Casio CA100 Sound Library 2

July 20th, 2010 2 comments

I went back in and spent a good long time glitching my Casio CA100 again to provide you guys with another glitch library. I am very pleased with the variety of sounds from this machine. I recorded them in pro-tools at 24b 44100khz as mono wav files. there is 106 samples, as of now it is my largest circuit bent library.


Download Circuit bent CasioCA100_samples2


Please post any comments or requests for glitches. I love preparing these for you guys!

Also send us links of anything that you make with our samples we like to see what everyone creates with our sample packs!

James’ Circuit Bent Library 2

January 26th, 2010 No comments

Hello again!
I’ve got some more samples and downloads.

I got this toy for Christmas to mod from a fellow musician/producer Jarad an accompanying artist in Dub Amor.

I really enjoy this toy. I found a lot of mods for it. I decided to reuse some of the existing buttons on the device, so as it stands I have 10 different mods on it that fall in to 4 categories.

1. Augmentation glitch: causes a glitching of the phrasing while held on. Makes words incomprehensible or sound more interesting.

2. Catalyst: An action that causes a spontaneous, sometimes random noise occurrence.

3. Tone bend: increasing or decreasing voltage somewhere on the toy creates a pitching up and down in the speed of the sound being produced.

4. Word length modifier: differs from a tone bend because modifies the length of her syllables so that they loop or stretch out. instead of slowing down the entire waveform

By popular request I have included some more Musini samples! Enjoy


James’ link(s) of the month

January 12th, 2010 No comments

So here’s Januarys link of the month. I wanted to share with you viewers some of the sites I frequent and tell you what I think. I couldn’t pick just one so I have five.

1. Hack a Day If you don’t already frequent this wonderful site then you must. It is full of great projects and if you’re ever bored and on the web, this site has some humor and intrigue as to what some people can think up.

2. New Scientist I check this site regularly for updates. I find myself opening almost every new story in a new tab and wanting to read each one! I always get excited by new discovery. So I think this site is up there in my top favorites on the web.

3. Slashdot Here’s a jewel of the web. Slashdot’s been around for a while and I always enjoy a jump to this site.

4. instructables This site is pretty fun. I like to go to this site to poke around and see what kind of cool things people break down for you. You can see instructions for making soup all the way down to how to surface mount with normal soldering equipment.

5. Make Another great how to website, full of info on tons of projects and new toys.

Happy surfing


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Novation Launchpad Tear Down

November 21st, 2009 24 comments

For those of you that are curious like myself, here are some images of me disassembling the Novation Launchpad.   I hope this inspires some of you to do some cool modifications to the controller, and make sure to send us some images of your modified launchpad.  Click on the pictures to zoom in.

1. The launchpad

Launchpad unopen

2.  The launchpad flipped over.  There are only 9 screws, taking this thing apart is a piece of cake.

Launchpad from back

3.  The launchpad without the face plate.

Launchpad without face plate

4.  The Launchpad viewed from the top without button pads.

Launchpad open top view

5. The launchpad opened and viewed from the back.

Launchpad open from back

6.  Here is a close up of the mcu’s and the programing header on the board.  The bigger chip is a STMicroelectronics 72f63bk2m1, here is a link to it’s data sheet.  The smaller of the two chips is the NXP 74hc164d, and here is a link to it’s data sheet.

close up of mcu


Modding the Vestax VCI-100

November 1st, 2009 3 comments

Here is the latest project I just did for one of my DJ friends.  He uses Native Instruments Traktor Pro and controls it with the Vestax VCI-100.  A while back he asked me to mod his controller with arcade buttons, and I final got around to doing it for him.  Here are some pictures of the progression of the mod.  This is not a difficult modification, the toughest part was cutting the holes fir the buttons which I did with a hand drill.

Original VCI-100 Layout


VCI-100 taken out of casing with old buttons still attached.

Vestax VCI-100 topless

VCI-100 with old buttons removed, and red wire splint into four leads.


VCI-100 reassembled with new buttons



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