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Link of the Month – Lots of Drums

March 10th, 2011 No comments

I have been getting a lot of emails about that Ensoniq ASR-X sample library I talked about making a while back.  I started doing the tedious task of cutting and bouncing each sample, when one of the other producers I work with sent me this link.

 Now I don’t know who this Ste_clectic person, but many thank yous are in order.  This is by no means excuse for why I have not finished my ASR-X library, but hopefully this will tide you all over until I can finish it up.  So as usual enjoy, have some fun, and make music.

Oh and here is another link to download the library, if ever the link in the forum stops working.


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Casio CA100 Sound Library 2

July 20th, 2010 2 comments

I went back in and spent a good long time glitching my Casio CA100 again to provide you guys with another glitch library. I am very pleased with the variety of sounds from this machine. I recorded them in pro-tools at 24b 44100khz as mono wav files. there is 106 samples, as of now it is my largest circuit bent library.


Download Circuit bent CasioCA100_samples2


Please post any comments or requests for glitches. I love preparing these for you guys!

Also send us links of anything that you make with our samples we like to see what everyone creates with our sample packs!

TR-606 Sample Pack

July 12th, 2010 6 comments

Recently I found an old Roland TR-606 drum machine at a local music swap meet.  The previous owner thought the 606 was broken because it would not save his presets,  after some bartering he sells the drum machine to me for a ridiculous price.  Once I got 606 home I find out everything is fine with the unit and it is able to save my presets fine,  although the master volume pot was a little scratchy and at some point in time the batteries leaked inside the unit.  Anyways here is my sample pack of the TR-606.  In this library I sample the drum machine in two ways.  The first is directly into  ProTools recorded at 44.1 16-bit.  The second is sampled into my MPC2000XL and then into ProTools.  I hope you all enjoy, this is a fun little drum machine with some cool sounds.



Here is a link to more info about the 606 –

Download the Roland TR-606 Sample Pack Here


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Casio CA100 Sound Library

April 9th, 2010 6 comments

I got a Casio CA100 and made a couple mods to it and made a sample library for you guys. hope you enjoy

Download CasioCA100 sound library


Glitched out Farfisa Professional 1 samples

March 15th, 2010 8 comments

Recently one of the guys that I work with gave me some gear that was not working so I could fix it up.  One of the pieces that I ended up with was a Farfisa Professional 1 electric organ.  At first the organ seemed to be working fine and just needed to be cleaned and restored a little bit,  but with a closer look it seem that the Farfisa took a nice hit to the top of the organ.  A couple of the tone switches were bad and the faders are almost useless.  The organ works fine as long as you do not play a Ab or a Eb, pressing one of these notes would cause the organ to start to glitch out in a cool way.  So before I start to fix this guy up I wanted to sample it, and share it with all of you.  Enjoy.




Download Farfisa Professional 1 Glitched here


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Roland TR-626 Sound Library

January 25th, 2010 5 comments

Recently I picked up a used Roland TR-626 from ebay. I finally got around to sampling beeps and buzzes that this guy makes. Here is a sound library of all the sounds this drum machine makes. Each sounds has 15 different pitch levels that I label -7 to +7, 0 being the original sample. All the samples were recorded into Pro Tools at 44.1/16 bit. Also I circuit bend the hell out of this thing, so expect future posts with pictures and samples of it glitched out.

Download TR-626 Sound Library


Hammond Chord Organ Samples

December 6th, 2009 2 comments

Here are some samples of my Hammond chord organ, I recorded them in protools and provided them as 16 bit 441khz mono wav files. I had to modify the organ with a line out so I could get as clean as possible of a sound out of it. This is one of my favorite instruments to play.
Hammond chord organ samples

There is a folder called “Bass” which holds the root notes. All the other folders are the corresponding chord that goes along with those notes.
Check out these video demos on my launchpad


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James’ Circuit Bent Library

November 20th, 2009 6 comments

Here is a Collection of samples from a few of my own circuit bent toys. I’ve made a quick couple of videos that will show you the method of how I captured these samples. I edited them in Protools at 16bit 441khz as mono WAV files. Feel free to comment or request any more. Enjoy.

Download James’ Circuit Bent Library

Here’s a video of my toy car, it has 8 samples and two sensors, a light sensor and a potentiometer to control the sensitivity of that light sensor.

Here is a video of my drum machine it has a tone bend and an on of switch for that tone bend.

This is my speak and spell it has 2 momentary push buttons on it. One of them plays a random letter from the alphabet, (at one time i had this connected to a blinking led so it would trigger at each blink) The other button loops a few millisecond sample of the letter being spoken until you let go. You can create cool sounding pad sounds sending this into various effects.

The toy above is my Phonics Board. It has a light sensor on the top left near the speaker and a control switch to that sensor also a tone bending potentiometer .

Here is my Musini, I have added a glitch button and a tone bend. I really enjoy this toy because it has such a vast variety of sounds with a really large frequency range, and most of the glitches are FULL of harmonics so filtering them can make some dope instruments!

I will be updating the Library frequently so watch for updates!


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