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Chords2.0 For Windows

February 10th, 2010 6 comments

I updated my Chords application for the launchpad. I added control using the top row of buttons. and fixed the problem where you had to press each button once to activate them.
Download Chords2.1 for the Novation Launchpad


I will get a mac version out there soon. have fun!


Link of the Month Max/MSP/PD Chiptune externals

February 3rd, 2010 No comments

Max/MSP/PD Chiptune externals
Here is a really cool repository of some chiptune patches. I was happy to find these because I have always enjoyed chip tune sounds. I have made a touch screen/MIDI interface for the atari2600 external and I will probably make some more. I just wanted to make a multi touch MIDI interface, but after playing with the externals from this link I just had to integrate one into my design. You can download Phew for windows right now. If you guys like it I will make something eles with the NES patcher.

Download Phew1.0 for windows


James’ Circuit Bent Library 2

January 26th, 2010 No comments

Hello again!
I’ve got some more samples and downloads.

I got this toy for Christmas to mod from a fellow musician/producer Jarad an accompanying artist in Dub Amor.

I really enjoy this toy. I found a lot of mods for it. I decided to reuse some of the existing buttons on the device, so as it stands I have 10 different mods on it that fall in to 4 categories.

1. Augmentation glitch: causes a glitching of the phrasing while held on. Makes words incomprehensible or sound more interesting.

2. Catalyst: An action that causes a spontaneous, sometimes random noise occurrence.

3. Tone bend: increasing or decreasing voltage somewhere on the toy creates a pitching up and down in the speed of the sound being produced.

4. Word length modifier: differs from a tone bend because modifies the length of her syllables so that they loop or stretch out. instead of slowing down the entire waveform

By popular request I have included some more Musini samples! Enjoy


Roland TR-626 Sound Library

January 25th, 2010 5 comments

Recently I picked up a used Roland TR-626 from ebay. I finally got around to sampling beeps and buzzes that this guy makes. Here is a sound library of all the sounds this drum machine makes. Each sounds has 15 different pitch levels that I label -7 to +7, 0 being the original sample. All the samples were recorded into Pro Tools at 44.1/16 bit. Also I circuit bend the hell out of this thing, so expect future posts with pictures and samples of it glitched out.

Download TR-626 Sound Library


Hammond Chord Organ Samples

December 6th, 2009 2 comments

Here are some samples of my Hammond chord organ, I recorded them in protools and provided them as 16 bit 441khz mono wav files. I had to modify the organ with a line out so I could get as clean as possible of a sound out of it. This is one of my favorite instruments to play.
Hammond chord organ samples

There is a folder called “Bass” which holds the root notes. All the other folders are the corresponding chord that goes along with those notes.
Check out these video demos on my launchpad


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James’ Circuit Bent Library

November 20th, 2009 6 comments

Here is a Collection of samples from a few of my own circuit bent toys. I’ve made a quick couple of videos that will show you the method of how I captured these samples. I edited them in Protools at 16bit 441khz as mono WAV files. Feel free to comment or request any more. Enjoy.

Download James’ Circuit Bent Library

Here’s a video of my toy car, it has 8 samples and two sensors, a light sensor and a potentiometer to control the sensitivity of that light sensor.

Here is a video of my drum machine it has a tone bend and an on of switch for that tone bend.

This is my speak and spell it has 2 momentary push buttons on it. One of them plays a random letter from the alphabet, (at one time i had this connected to a blinking led so it would trigger at each blink) The other button loops a few millisecond sample of the letter being spoken until you let go. You can create cool sounding pad sounds sending this into various effects.

The toy above is my Phonics Board. It has a light sensor on the top left near the speaker and a control switch to that sensor also a tone bending potentiometer .

Here is my Musini, I have added a glitch button and a tone bend. I really enjoy this toy because it has such a vast variety of sounds with a really large frequency range, and most of the glitches are FULL of harmonics so filtering them can make some dope instruments!

I will be updating the Library frequently so watch for updates!


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