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Here are all the OSX builds for the Launchpad

December 30th, 2009 3 comments

As promised here they are, all of my builds of monome apps for the Novation Lauchpad for you OSX users out there.

Download Polygome OSX

Download Press Cafe OSX

Download Fourths OSX

Download Intervals OSX

Download OSX Launchpad Bundle


Intervals for the Launchpad and Monome

December 30th, 2009 No comments

Here is my take on Stretta’s monome patch fourths.  The basic ideas are still the same, i.e. moving vertically on the grid will cause the midi notes to increase or decrease chromatically and moving horizontally will cause the midi note to increase or decrease by a predetermined interval.  Stretta’s monome program Fourths only gave you the chromatic scale and perfect fourth for your intervals.  In Intervals you can now choose between major 2nd, minor 3rd, major 3rd, perfect 4th, Augmented 4th, perfect 5th, minor 6th, and major 6th.  Here is a video of me demonstrating the application.  Again this version is only for Windows, but I will get the OSX apps up when I have a chance to build it on a Mac.  For monome users I have provided the original Max/MSP file.

Download Intervals for the Launchpad (Windows)

Download Intervals Max/MSP source file


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Fourths for the Novation Launchpad

December 21st, 2009 1 comment

This is my build of Stretta’s monome software Fourths for the Novation Launchpad.  A pretty simple program for sending midi note information to your favorite DAW’s and synths.  Here is a video of Stretta demonstrating  Fourths on the monome.

Download Fourths for the Novation Launchpad (Windows)


Also today Illuminated Sounds turns one year old.  Thanks goes out to all our readers.

Press Cafe for the Novation Launchpad

December 17th, 2009 No comments

This build was a special request.  Here is Press Cafe running with nonome on the Novation Launchpad for Windows.  Once again much respect goes out to Stretta for all his great monome patches.  I did this build really quickly so I did not have a lot of time to play around with Press Cafe.  More information on Press Cafe can be found at Stretta’s site here.  Once I have more time to play around with this patch I will get a video up of it running.  Big ups to Chris in Illinois for the request, and if anyone else wants to see a special build let me know –  Please be patient as I a currently busy with studio production work and end of the year gigs.

Download Press Cafe for the Launchpad for Windows

A Mac OSX version will be up soon.


Chords1.0 for Launchpad

December 13th, 2009 3 comments

I whipped up a quick little max msp app for chord recognition tailored for the launchpad.  I used a few objects from Little Scale’s launchpad patches.  I would love to hear any feed back or wishes for improvements.  I will be updating this frequently so watch for updates.  Major revisions will get a new build number.  Windows version coming soon hope you enjoy it.  Here’s a quick demo of me using it and the download link.

I was asked to do a step by step guide for this program so here’s how i get it to work. I don’t take midi information from the chords program, it is only there to light up the launchpad. You should be using other software for your synths and piano sounds like abelton.

1. Plug in launch pad

2. Start up Chords

3. On the top of the screen you will see an input and output. IF the program recognized that you had a launchpad plugged into your computer you should be able to set the input and output to “Launchpad”

3. Enable the buttons… you wont see any lights on the pad until you’ve presses a button once.. what you need to do is press all the buttons that you will be using.. just pressing the buttons on the on the top two square rows enables all of the chords lights.

4. If you don’t see lights restart at step one. you must plug in the launch pad before launching the chords program, and you should listening to midi from the “launchpad” in your synth program.




Novation Launchpad running Polygome64

November 10th, 2009 5 comments

Here is my next launchpad build this time featuring Polygome by Stretta.  Further documentation about Polygome can be found here. Once again I am using Piclae’s version of nonome.  This is also nonome version 1.13a, in this version Piclae made some great upgrades to the program.  You can now pick the led color on the launchpad and has also added a backround image. Check out his blog here. Right now I only have a Windows .exe of the software, but I should have an OSX .app up in the next couple days.  Here is a video of Polygome64 running on the Novation Launchpad.

Download Nonome-Polygome64 for Windows


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Novation Lauchpad – Nonome/MLR OSX build

November 6th, 2009 5 comments

You asked for it so you got it. I just built the OSX version of nonome with mlr for the launchpad. This was built on OSX 10.5.8 and worked great. This software is still in development so if you find bug report them here, or to the developer of nonome and mlr. If you want to see more us this kind of stuff please feel free to drop us a line and leave some comments of what you want to see.

Nonome/mlr OSX zip


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Link of the Month – Baz Tutorials

November 6th, 2009 No comments

With the release of Max for Live happening at the end of this month, I thought it would be a good idea to let all of you prospective Max programs know about Baz and his tutorials. The Baz tutorials are a collection of MAX/MSP youtube tutorials packed with information about the software. This is a great place for everyone that is new to MAX/MSP to hit the ground running. So without further ado here is the first couple of videos in the collection. Oh and if you make anything cool feel free to send it our way and we can do a write up about it for you.

Baz Tutorial 2 – Random frequencies from Barry Moon on Vimeo.


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Novation Launchpad running Nonome and MLR – Amen

November 3rd, 2009 13 comments

The Novation Launchpad Ableton controller was released the other day, and I decided to pick one up.  I got the chance to play with it at work before I bought one, and it is a good controller with small desk footprint.  It connected to Ableton Live 8.0.8 with no issues at all.  This controller is great for live performance with Ableton Live, while the Akai APC40, another similar Ableton Live controller, is better suited in the studio.  Triggering clips is easy and fun with the Lauchpad, but I don’t like having to go to the mixer screen everytime i need to stop a track.  The volume control is not the best either, the button control causes the volume to move in steps instead of a linear motion.  The best part of this controller is the ability to program it in different ways.  With the right emulation program the Launchpad is able to emulate the monome.  Piclae created a version of nonome for the novation launchpad.

Read his post

Piclae provides the Max5 code for his copy of nonome and a monome program call mlr also written in Max5. I took the two separate codes and brought them together in one code, and built it as an .exe program for Windows. Here is a video of me running the mlr software on the Launchpad.

Novation Lauchpad running mlr from Mike Tron on Vimeo.

Here is the Window’s .exe build I made of nonome and mlr built together.I can make an OSX version if anyone wants it just let me know in the comments.

Nonome+mlr Zip download


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Random7 Max/Msp Code

March 17th, 2009 No comments

So I have been getting a few requests for the source file of Random7.  So in the spirit of open source here it is.  I am excited to see how people will integrate this into their builds, so make sure to keep us updated.

random7 max code


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