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Random7 Updated…..

December 31st, 2008 5 comments

So I finally got Random7 built for Mac and PC.  You may notice I did update the look of the program as well.  If you want to hear what you can do with Random7 here are some recordings of what we are doing with it.  These are done with one instance of Random7  triggering multiple soft synths in Ableton Live.

Song 1 – By Miketron

Chaos – By James

Download Random7

(Windows) Random7 & Midi Yoke

(MAC) Random7

If you download the Random7 and make a song with it, email me your name, the song in mp3, and the song title at  Then, I’ll post it on a Random7 songs page.


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Christmas + MAX/MSP = Random7

December 26th, 2008 No comments


So this holiday season I was gifted my very own copy of MAX/MSP, and it is sweet.  While I was playing around with it today, as I was hanging out with the family, I created this fun little application I’m calling Random7.  It is basically a 8 step sequencer that outputs midi by randomly selecting from the 7 notes in the various scales pictured above, and also randomly selects the velocity of each of the notes.  The layout is very simple, the drop down menu lets you select your scale, noteout lets you choose your midi i/o, the start/stop button does just that, the knob adjusts speed, and you can click on any of the red spots to trigger a note manually.  It produces great background music, I like to have it trigger one of my piano soft synths in Ableton via midi yoke.  Now this is my first program written in MAX so it might not be the most effient app yet, but I do plan on digging back into it later on, so if you have any feedback it would be much appreciated.  Also I am new to the building an application process in MAX, so I believe this version will only work on windows systems.  I’ll be posting the Mac version as soon as I figure out how to make it.  Enjoy.

(Windows) Random7 & Midi Yoke


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Sequencing Kids Toys – Part 1 of the Bent Orchestra

December 21st, 2008 3 comments

This is an ongoing project that I hope to end up with 15 to 20 circuit bent kids toys, that will eventually become a circuit bent orchestra that will all be controlled with Ableton Live.  The keyboard in the video only has the drum section connected as of right now.  Unfortunately it only has a polyphony of 2, so that limits me quiet a bit.  I am using a sequencer I wrote in Pure Data running into an arduino board that controls some reed relays.  The switch time of the relays is to long so I plan on changing them out with some solid state relays.  The arduino is running standard firmata and I edited the Pduino program to include my sequencer.  I have also wrote a patch that has Ableton control the arduino instead of my sequencer.  Check out the video.  Let me know if anyone wants to see the code.

Sequencing Kids Toys – Step One of Bent Orchestra from Mike Tron on Vimeo.

– Miketron

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Welcome to Illuminated Sounds

December 21st, 2008 No comments

This site will bring you news and updates on projects in music, music tech, music engineering, and technology. Expect everything from simple midi contollers to vst plug-in’s. We will include schematics, audio files, and even source codes. So check back soon.

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