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Link of the Month – Pure Data

April 1st, 2009 No comments

So you may have noticed that we have numerous posts about applications made with Cycling ’74’s MAX/MSP.  Max is an object oriented programing language that is awesome for building audio and video applications.  Now for all of you that went to Cycling ’74’s website to get a copy of the software but then saw the not so cheap price tag, don’t worry you still have another option.  This is where Pure Data makes its entrance.  I would describe Pd as the little brother of Max, and best of all it is free to the public.  For a full description of the software click here.  I was using Pd before I even found out about MAX/MSP, and when I switched over to Max I found out that everything I knew about Pd had a direct correlation with Max.  If you check out the post “Sequencing Kids Toys”, the software I am running in the video is the last patch I ever made with Pure Data.  The video was filmed right before I got a copy of MAX/MSP.  So if you are now ready to give Pd a try you can go to the download page by clicking here.  Pure Data is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.   As always the illuminated sounds team is interested in what you guys are doing, so if you make any fun patches send them our way so we can play with them too.  Also below I have included some of the videos that helped me get started with Pure Data. Enjoy.


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