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Max Msp + Tablet PC + Midi to usb = kewl interface!

July 14th, 2009 No comments

I got a number of Tablet Pc’s that were from a cd store’s shelves as listening stations. I didn’t beg borrow or steal them, but I still had to reverse engineer them a little. Stock on these puppies (as i got them) was a 512Mb flash card as the memory and their not capable of anything bigger. running XPe I found on the flash card after inspecting it I found a few scripts to suppress Explorer and run a custom web page at startup that was tailored to the record store it said “disconnected from server” and had an ugly picture. so first things first, I made a new web page based launcher with shiny buttons and everything, ooooo shiny.

then I added small programs that I felt that I needed. A VNC host called TightVNC one was this great VST shell program called VST host. its’s great, its lightweight and dosen’t use much cpu. so I can run fun free vst’s like xy grid thermins and such. the last picture is of my media interface for my xbox’s XBMC

So when I gave one to mike the first thing we came up with was a standalone midi program made just for the touch screen using Max Msp. we tossed around ideas for midi interfacing like midi over IP and stuff but we found some of these midi uno cables for pretty cheep and so we got a couple and hooked them up.

Mike might do an extended post on the subject of the program Buttons that he wrote for the project but its basically a midi button array, you can get midi info from every button and using a program like Ableton map every corresponding button to a trigger. Very fun indeed for doing stuff like triggering drum loops and doing mutes and stuff on the fly

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