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Glitched out Farfisa Professional 1 samples

March 15th, 2010 8 comments

Recently one of the guys that I work with gave me some gear that was not working so I could fix it up.  One of the pieces that I ended up with was a Farfisa Professional 1 electric organ.  At first the organ seemed to be working fine and just needed to be cleaned and restored a little bit,  but with a closer look it seem that the Farfisa took a nice hit to the top of the organ.  A couple of the tone switches were bad and the faders are almost useless.  The organ works fine as long as you do not play a Ab or a Eb, pressing one of these notes would cause the organ to start to glitch out in a cool way.  So before I start to fix this guy up I wanted to sample it, and share it with all of you.  Enjoy.




Download Farfisa Professional 1 Glitched here


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Polyphonic Random Intervals

March 7th, 2010 2 comments

This is a program I created that allows you to add some randomization to what you play. It waits for a MIDI message in, then alters that note up a perfect 3rd, a perfect 5th, a perfect 7th, or an octave, also it is velocity sensitive and is polyphonic! I wanted to add more controls but as they say “keep it simple, stupid!” I planed on adding the other intervals but wanted to share what I have with the world! Shoot me an e-mail with any suggestions, and I will be more than happy to add them to the program. Watch for updates and new versions.

Download PRI for windows
Download PRI nanoKEY edition for windows

Updates coming soon!
– More Intervals: minor 2nd, major 2nd…. diminished… (As of now, it supports perfect intervals.)
– Color coordination for diminished/augmented/major/minor/perfect inversions
– Negative inversions: octave down…. perfect 5th down… etc. (Currently, it adds value to the note you are playing.)

PRI nanoKey edition allows you to turn on/off the three middle controls with the pitch down, pitch up and mod buttons on your nanoKEY controller

Listen to “C,D#,G#” a quick song I made with the PRI pressing only three notes C, D# and G# making the Cm chord. I recorded some loops in Abelton and threw on a beat. I had the “octave” and “5th” settings activated during this song, there are 4 different MIDI loops. Enjoy

James’s Link Of The Month

March 3rd, 2010 1 comment

I couldn’t let there be just one link of the month, so here’s

Karlheinz Essl’s Realtime composition library

I have here a link to all sorts of interesting max/msp patches. This is a great resource to get some help from. These patches are awesome and I am very excited to share them with all of you.

“In order to create an evironment which enables one to concentrate rather on high-level compositional questions than on low-level technical problems, Gerhard Eckel and I started to develop a set of tools which became the corner stones of the RTC-lib. At the this time, Serge Lemouton (my musical assistant at IRCAM) wrote “nth” according to my indications, James McCartney released his “list objects”, and a few years later Peter Elsea developed his “LObjects” (inspired by RTC-lib, as he told me). Some externals from these packages were included into the RTC-lib, and Peter Elsea was nice enough to port some of my abstractions (like trans-log) to C-externals.”

Thanks Karlheinz Essl for your hard work

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Link of the Month – Gorillaz: Plastic Beach (First Listen NPR)

March 2nd, 2010 No comments

If you haven’t heard the Gorillaz new album “Plastic Beach” is coming out in a couple of days.  For those of you that can’t wait that long, want no more.  You can stream the album on NPR.

Stream Plastic Beach Here