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Casio CA100 Sound Library 2

I went back in and spent a good long time glitching my Casio CA100 again to provide you guys with another glitch library. I am very pleased with the variety of sounds from this machine. I recorded them in pro-tools at 24b 44100khz as mono wav files. there is 106 samples, as of now it is my largest circuit bent library.


Download Circuit bent CasioCA100_samples2


Please post any comments or requests for glitches. I love preparing these for you guys!

Also send us links of anything that you make with our samples we like to see what everyone creates with our sample packs!

  1. Leonid Hrabovsky
    August 17th, 2010 at 22:05 | #1

    Hi, I have used CASIO 100 in my work that is going to be performed overseas. I cannot pack the synth itself with me due to new luggage restrictions on the carrier I chose. May you please prepare the samples – or teach me how I can do that – of very basic sounds, but precisely those from the list given on the CASIO body itself:
    #3 Tube, #80 Airplane, #81 Ambulance, #52 Church Bells, #83 Emergency Alarm, #11 Whistle, #8 Bassoon, #88 Computer Sound ?

    I will be very grateful if a colleague like you may help me in this complicated situation.

    Leonid Hrabovsky

  2. James
    August 20th, 2010 at 09:18 | #2

    well you can record the samples that you want to use in a recording program like Ableton live. The easiest way to re-sample them is to use the “simpler” instrument included with Ableton live. you can download a working sample of Ableton from their website.

    here is the instructions
    1.record a small clip of the sound you wish to sample
    2.in Ableton create a new midi track Shift-Alt-N
    3.down in the bottom of the screen there should be a window in the “Chain” of your newly created midi track that says “drag audio and midi tracks here”, Drag from your library the newly created audio clip into the field.
    4. you can use the knobs in the instrument to adjust the start time and decay of your sound.
    5. use a midi device to trigger the sounds like a midi keyboard I sometimes use the Korg Nanokey

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