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It’s a Trap! (Top 5 Audio Gimmicks / Scams)

5. AudioPrism CD Stop Light Pen:


When I was a kid, I was once told that you could fix a scratched CD by coloring in the side of it with a Sharpie.  For me it never worked, but apparently the same technique can improve sound quality of the CD.  I never noticed any change in sound quality when I used a Sharpie to color in my CD’s, but that could be do to the fact that I was only doing it to the my CD’s that were scratched to hell or the fact that at that time I was listening to everything through a pair of Koss headphones.  I have not tried this in recent years on better equipment, but I am still not sold on this one.

Here’s what AudioPrism has to say about their pens.

“We discovered that during playback, that a significant quantity of stray laser light bounces around inside a CD. This stray light eventually finds its way back to the pick-up assembly, creating jitter. CD Stoplight was developed to passively reduce the the effects of stray light that ultimately causes jittar. By absorbing the stray light at the transport passively, rather than attempting to reduce it’s effects downstream electronically, jitter is reduced at the source-keeping it out of the playback chain.

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