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Android App Music Favorites 2

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It’s been awhile but its time for another round of android music making app favorites and it has recently come to my attention that there is currently a fundamental flaw with android in the respect of live performance.  Some of you may have already noticed this while playing around with some of the multi-touch keyboards and synthesizers with surprisingly long attach and release times while switching keys and notes…oh the horrors of latency.

I wont delve into the exact figures released in this article for lack of more specific data on which phones performed best, but the article still states that the more sophisticated android handsets still have almost twenty times the latency to IOS devices.

I always hate starting off on a bad note, so here’s some good news. Android is still open source and developers are working on integrating API’s like OPENSL_ES into their applications which will further cut the latency so we can rock our android tablets and phones live. One of my favorites which I reviewed last time Mikrosonic SPC has already implemented this in their newest update. I can only hope that developers will continue to optimize and cook this into their music applications.

Now then…on to the music favorite picks.

1.Su-Preme MPA


Ever since I’ve acquired an android tablet I have been Su-premely jealous of Ipad owners applications like the Beat Maker series. I love pads and buttons and was absolutely ecstatic to see someone finally emulate an MPC in the android environment.

The application runs great and with a dual core tegra 2 tablet, I cannot say the same for my dated Nexus One 1ghz snapdragon, but I almost forget about the aforementioned “latency” issues while messing around with it on my overclocked G Tablet.

I highly recommend trying the lite version first to make sure that your device will run the application smoothly.

– Analog UI emulating the classic devices
– 12 low-latency pads for drum/one-shot sounds
– A piano keyboard (the number of keys depends on your screen size)
– A basic sample editor that allows you to cut your MP3s and WAVs
– A Song Editor to build full songs from sequences
– Ability to record tracks with 1/8, 1/16 or 1/32 quantization and swing


Nanoloop is another cross platform favorite of mine available on IOS, Android and even your gameboy, and I must say it easily became one of my favorites. This sequencing application has a very easy learning curve and could easily be one of the most fluid options for those of us stuck with smaller screen real estate, not to mention it doesn’t require a whole lot of processing power so it can run smooth as butter on your mid to low end devices as well.

The sounds you can make with this nifty little application are pretty diverse using just the microphone sampler and sequencer to pump beats and sounds out of your handheld. I only have one gripe about it and that is GIVE US LONGER PATTERNS and DIFFERENT METERS! 4/4 is great but I like having options…also I wouldn’t mind some filters and effects overlays.

– Six channels, each can be synth or sampler
– Load samples from SD-card
– Sample via microphone
– Re-sample, export samples
– FM-, noise- and filtered wave synthesizer
– Fast and easy to use step sequencer
– 8 patterns and 2 instruments per channel
– Song editor with loop function
– Send and receive projects via e-mail
– Files compatible with the iPhone version (via iTunes only)
– Export songs to device’s music library (Ogg Vorbis format)

Nanoloop Market Link


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  1. Musique tactile
    December 6th, 2011 at 01:19 | #1

    Thank you for the link to my article.
    If you want Android to be improved for musicians,
    I wrote an open letter to Google :

  2. dude
    December 21st, 2011 at 09:43 | #2

    nanoloop for the win

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