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Hardware version of Random7

November 16th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

A couple of months I took my MAX/MSP code for Random7 and rewrote so I could embed it into a hardware version.  Random7 Hardware Version 1 (R7H) is a very basic version of the Random7 software.  The core element of R7H is still the same,  the program randomly picks from 7 different midi notes.  As of now the key R7H is preset to the key of A Major, and the only control is a potentiometer that controls the speed of R7H.  Output for R7H is a midi port, an on/off switch, and there is also a red led the flashes everytime a note is sent.  The some of the next additions I plan to the hardware are a midi input to provide midi sync options, a small lcd to provide useful information such as tempo and key,  and allow user to pick from any diatonic major key.  The microcontroller I am using for this is the arduino built into a d.i. box housing.  Here are some pictures.

Front View


Back View


R7H Open


Download Software Random7 for Windows

Download Software Random7 for MAC


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    great post as usual .. thanks .. you just gave me a few more ideas to play with

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    I’m not quite informed about this technology but I think it works well. Would like to try it.

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