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James’ link(s) of the month

January 12th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

So here’s Januarys link of the month. I wanted to share with you viewers some of the sites I frequent and tell you what I think. I couldn’t pick just one so I have five.

1. Hack a Day If you don’t already frequent this wonderful site then you must. It is full of great projects and if you’re ever bored and on the web, this site has some humor and intrigue as to what some people can think up.

2. New Scientist I check this site regularly for updates. I find myself opening almost every new story in a new tab and wanting to read each one! I always get excited by new discovery. So I think this site is up there in my top favorites on the web.

3. Slashdot Here’s a jewel of the web. Slashdot’s been around for a while and I always enjoy a jump to this site.

4. instructables This site is pretty fun. I like to go to this site to poke around and see what kind of cool things people break down for you. You can see instructions for making soup all the way down to how to surface mount with normal soldering equipment.

5. Make Another great how to website, full of info on tons of projects and new toys.

Happy surfing


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