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Ableton Mind Control

January 6th, 2010 2 comments


Being that it is now 2010 and we are living in the future lets take a look at a new unconventional Ableton Live controller. For your consideration I give you the Emotiv Epoch.  This headset with 14 sensors of pure awesomeness detects player thoughts, feelings, and expressions.  I just received mine a couple of days ago and last night was the first time I really got a change to play with it.  The Emotiv Epoch comes with a software application call Epoch Control Panel.  In the Control Panel there is a tool call Cognitiv Suite.   This is that part of the application I use to control Ableton Live.  In Cognitiv Suite you move a floating box around on the screen using thought.  You can then can assign these different “thought actions” to keyboard commands.  Next I assigned these commands to start and stop an audio clip in Ableton Live.  Here is a video of my buddy Jay using the Epoch for the first time.  In this video when he pushes the box with his mind he triggers a drum loop to play and when he lifts the box it stops playback of the clip.  This video was made last minute so it does not have the best lighting.  Next I plan on getting the Emotiv Epoch to communicate with MAX/MSP, and making some custom applications for it.