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Launchpad Linux updates in ALSA

July 7th, 2012 No comments

So there has been a lot of work with getting the launchpad running on linux.

We talked about it a couple years ago and there has been some really cool advancements that I wanted to share with everyone.


ALSA has now supported the Launchpad since V1.0.24 so that’s exciting news! AlSA changelog, the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture is bundled with Ubuntu/Debian desktop versions of Linux.

A homebrew kernel for midi support in Ubuntu “by Will Scott” get the project at the Launchpadd Google code page.

Ensoniq ASR-X Teardown/Repair

November 10th, 2010 10 comments

Here are some pictures of me opening and replacing the save button in an Ensoniq ASR-X.  This is one of my favorite samplers to work on do to its design.  The ASR-X also came loaded with some pretty classic sounds, which I’ll post once the samples are all edited.  Here is the demo song that comes loaded on the ASR-X.

ASR-X missing save button


ASR with face plate removed


Up Close


Face plate removed


Backside of Faceplate


Face panel PCB missing the save button


Face panel PCB with save button


Ensoniq ASR-X with save button replaced